MeltingCode is a festival that aims to spread the knowledge and understanding of digital and electronic culture, in other terms the actual mix between Arts, Science and Technologies.

More and more used by contemporary shapes of live performing arts, these "new" technologies make us dream and sometimes question us. How are they really used ? By who, and what for ? MeltingCode offers to decode these practices connecting notions such as real-time, hacking, electronic and programming languages, in order to give people a better understanding of the wide universe of Digital Arts.

The festival, consisting of a series of conferences, workshops, live shows and exhibitions, will thus allow various approaches of these topics through cultural mediation, scientific popularization, pedagogy and creation.

One clear goal of this series of events is to help this kind of activities grow at local level, by involving the protagonists of digital creation  as much as possible in the CUB (Urban Community of Bordeaux), while also exposing them to national and international levels.

Keywords : real-time, interactivity, multimedia, digital art, electronic, net-art, do-it-yourself


Festival MeltingCode

First edition : April 18th to May 4th of 2012, in Bordeaux and Talence.

Second edition : April 18th to May 8th of 2013, in Begles, Bordeaux and Talence.

Third edition : April 5th to April 17th of 2014,  in Begles, Bordeaux, Cenon and Talence.

Fourth edition : March 18th to April 11th of 2015, in Begles, Bordeaux and Talence.


This festival is made by Les Morphogénistes :

Les Morphogénistes created this event for two purposes : first, to share the Digital Culture, specially the Arts based on it; then to introduce the work of the association members and of its partners who share the same attract for the Digital Culture.

In order to multi plicate the audiences and the art fields, we create multiple events favoring the meeting of various people and places. Our basic goal is to favor the exchange and the sharing of knowledges and experiences.

The MeltingCode festival presents itself in four parts :

  • workshops
  • conferences
  • exhibition
  • live shows